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Pricing, Terms and Condition

Acceptance of Pricing, Terms and Conditions

  • Web Experts Online provides web design, development and internet marketing services through internet website on principles based on this pricing, terms and conditions document.
  • Accepting our terms and conditions is imperative to use services and packages provided by Web Experts Online.
  • All users are advisable to read these terms and conditions.
  • Web Experts Online has the right to amend these terms and conditions without any prior notification. The users can get to know about current terms and conditions on our website


Signing an agreement is highly important and clients have to pay a deposit for any new project. The agreement will cover that both parties i.e. Web Experts Online and client comprehend each other's obligations. Furthermore, the deposit includes work that will be completed in several weeks. If an agreement will not be needed in any case, the basic terms will still be applied.

Access and Use of Services

  • Web Experts Online's services have been specifically designed for business use and must be utilized according to general characteristics.
  • Web Experts Online is fully authorized to use accounts of users for security reasons and administrative purposes.
  • Services of Web Experts Online can only be accessed by logging on specific website.
  • Login and password assigned to user will not be shared by any third party without recommendation of Web Experts Online.

Right of Refusal

Web Experts Online has the right to refuse service of any immoral, illegal or inappropriate design. We can cancel any agreement for failure of customer to abide by terms. In order to avoid late fees, we request to pay on time. We assure that our designed website will meet needs of our clients and help them in overall growth of their business.

Terms and general information

Web Experts Online will never be responsible for any damage suffered by user due to account closing or suspension. The user will be solely responsible for all entries, phrases or contents added to network connected with utilization of offered services. When your project will be completed, you will be notified through email. You have to pay total in-full to receive final project. Majority of designs are performed electronically on Tiff, Jpegs, Pdf and Bmp files.


  • Website design
  • Setting up domains
  • Website Optimization
  • Google Analytics analysis or reporting
  • SQL or PHP coding
  • Full Flash image gallery
  • Supplementary images
  • Complex Application Design
  • Website Audit
  • Increase Ranking
  • SEO for each page
  • Running SEO campaign

All design projects should be custom quoted and pricing depends upon specific project. Prices are subjected to change anytime without any notice. We are willing to work with you and provide terms at our forethought. Our pricing is extremely cost-effective and we believe in providing excellent services. In case of non-payment, we can remove the design.

Website Copy

All information for edited or new websites must be provided in Word documents. We urge that bodies of text should be attached to email rather than sending in body of email. If logos and website copy are not provided, work will not be started.

Project Planning

For larger projects, providing an overview of planned website is must. It should also encompass a detailed sitemap with additional functionality


Below mentioned are the types of images

  • GIF for logos and small graphics
  • Full color and layered EPS for animation logos
  • JPEG for high-color graphics and images

Apart from above mentioned files, if any other file will be sent, it will cost you extra charges for optimization or conversion. CD-Rom should be the first preference for sending images. PDF is not an appropriate image format and we do not accept it.


If any third party makes deletions, alterations or modifications, Web Experts Online will not be responsible. We will not be liable for any unlawful act.

SEO Maintenance

After achieving initial SEO results, it is important to monitor and maintain keyword phrases. Reporting and monitoring are included in our basic monthly process. Furthermore, we will also spend 3 hours for SEO work every month.

Concluding Provisions

  • All wrangles that crop up with these terms and conditions will be sorted out courteously.
  • Unsolved wrangles will be put forward for judgment by Common Court of Law at the place of Web Experts Online registered office.
  • Act on electronic services, neighboring rights, copyright and provisions of effective law and Civil Code will be pertinent in issues not governed by terms and conditions.

Apart from above mentioned files, if any other file will be sent, it will cost you extra charges for optimization or conversion. CD-Rom should be the first preference for sending images. PDF is not an appropriate image format and we do not accept it.

Theme Licensing & Usage

All our themes are licensed under the GNU general public license ( Our themes may be used by our customers on as many websites as they like.

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